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Serocold is a sales agency specialising in data, digital & workspace technologies. We represent companies as an extension of their sales and leadership team

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We will create a custom sales programme to suit your revenue goals that can quickly scale up or down depending on the market conditions. It’s likely to constitute some or all of the following services




The costs of hiring full time employees is both expensive and risky especially as your customers’ buying processes are in such flux due to the pandemic. By contracting sales people through Serocold, we become part of your team to find and sign new customers on your behalf.

As well as being cheaper to run a sales operation in this way, it also gives you the flexibility to quickly dial up or dial down the sales resource to match the market conditions without an HR headache.

Who for:

  • The global sales leader wanting to enter a new market or explore selling a new product before investing in an in-house sales team

  • The founder of a start up wanting to expand sales from their own direct efforts

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Who for:

  • Founders of start ups who are struggling to sign those first few paying clients before you can scale your sales efforts.  Founders will have all the enthusiasm and product knowledge, but when they lack sales experience, they’ll struggle to focus on the prospects most likely to buy.  They also value experienced help navigating complex evaluation and procurement cycles.

  • Newly promoted sales leaders who’ve been successful sales reps themselves.  The transition is difficult as you are faced with entirely new challenges requiring a different mindset.  External coaching overcomes the unspoken concern of exposing vulnerabilities internally and as such Serocold is uniquely positioned to support those leaders at the early stage of their leadership career

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We will work hard to learn about your customers, the problems you look to solve and the impact of solving them.  We’ll then provide you with

  • A sales message that will become the core of your conversations with prospective customers.  It will crisply focus on the problems you solve and the value this enables. 

  • A sales & qualification methodology to empirically help you identify the prospective customers most likely to buy and a map of the best evaluation and purchase journey that will spot the gaps & risks in the process


When launching into a new market, or a new product or scaling your sales organisation, you’ll need a sales plan that is uniquely geared to the new opportunity.

What got you here, won’t get you there.

With a clear blue print of the problem you solve, the associated value and the audience who must resolve this, you’ll be clear on who you should be speaking to, what to look out for in conversation and how to introduce your services that will directly resonate with them.  

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Serocold was started by Bertie Stevenson after 20 successful years selling and leading sales organisations across the digital, data and workplace industries in companies that range from NASDAQ high flyers to pre-Series A




CFO, Hazy

"Bertie has an exceptional ability to think on his feet, to look at a situation from all angles and to find creative solutions and opportunities - he is able to combine this with a disciplined and structured approach, which is an unusual and compelling blend. He is engaging, articulate and a very positive presence in a team. He is a fast study, a constant learner and an effective teacher and mentor, someone with a lot to offer."


Digital Analytics Manager - Media Analytics, HSBC

"Bertie's drive and creative thinking were instrumental in getting this deal done.  He can see things form his clients' perspective, and he really helped us to get the right solution - I feel we are in a really good position with our supplier, and starting a relationship that will be most advantageous to both of us.
Bertie is also a very personable individual, and a pleasure to work with."


Consumer Intelligence Director, Philip Morris International

“Bertie is a master of his art and any sales or client meeting with him has always been something to look forward to! His skills are rooted in a deep level of expertise in platforms and solutions he is representing as well as an excellent understanding of the real business challenges clients like myself are trying to solve, or should be solving in the future (Bertie never fails to do his homework!). Solution oriented and transparent, Bertie is precisely the type of partner you want at your side.”


VP & General Manager APJ, Tealium

"Bertie is a fast-learning, enthusiastic and articulate individual. He thrives in environments where his skills and abilities are challenged and he is able to prove his ability to succeed. Bertie was instrumental in the development of a successful new business pipeline, delivering continued organic growth and a host of highly respectable new clients."


Director and Co-founder, London Research

“Bertie's talents as a salesman are rooted in his deep knowledge of digital marketing and related technology. He has always been a great source of insight when discussing industry trends and developments, in particular topics such as optimisation, testing, personalisation and real-time marketing.”


Techstars Mentor

“Bertie is a highly customer need centric sales guy with a deep understanding of the technical delivery aspects and the more iterative understanding of how to make money as a client from the solutions he provides (the bit most sales guys fail to acknowledge). Always had a pleasurable experience working with him as both Manager and more recently as his Client.”


Senior Associate, 24x7 Direct

"Bertie's innovative thinking and strong stakeholder engagement allowed our clients to feel confident in the necessary change management process required, which lead to increased Customer Experience and the associated ROI for them. I'd highly recommend Bertie as a true leader within his field."



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